Youth Programs

We aim to offer affordable options to the youth in the community.  Volunteering helps us to keep the cost low.  Thank you for your leadership, volunteer time, support and continued dedication to the youth in the community!  Without volunteers this would not be an option.

Safety Classes for Children 4+

Stranger Danger (4 - 7 years) 
April 25, 2020    Saturday 1:15 pm to 2:15 pm
Members $25.00 Non-members $40.00

This is a course will give children the skills to recognize dangers in and around their home and how to handle them appropriately.  Kids will learn when and how to call 911 if something happens to their caregiver.  They will also learn what to do with “Strangers”-who is a stranger to be cautious of and who is a 'safe' stranger.  Coloring books will be provided to reinforce the topics. This course will take place in the basement of the community centre.

Home On Your Own (8 – 12 years)
April 25, 2020 Saturday 2:30pm to 4:30pm
Members $35.00 Non-members $50.00

This safety awareness program is for children who are or will be staying home on their own.   Participants will gain skills that will make their experience more comfortable and give them confidence.  The class includes games, scenarios and role playing that depict everyday situations in order to teach youngsters safety awareness, accident prevention and basic first aid skills.  Younger siblings between 8 and 10 are also encouraged to sign up as well.  The course is taught by an experienced Red Cross First Aid instructor in the basement of the community centre.

Red Cross Babysitting Course  11+ years

April 25, 2020  Saturday 9:30 am – 4:30pm
Members $65.00 Non-members $80.00


This babysitter’s course teaches 11-15 year olds to confidently handle the responsibilities of being a babysitter.  They will learn first aid safety tips, injury prevention and first aid as well as be introduced to CPR.  They will learn to care for children of all ages as well as diaper and feed babies and some basic business skills.  All of this will be taught in a fun and interactive environment.  The course is taught by an experienced first aid instructor.  Please bring a doll or teddy bear and a lunch to class that will be held in the Duquette Room on the main floor of the community centre. 

For more information please contact our office at (403) 257-1823.

Brickineers Premiere Robotics Camps are a funtastic way for children and kids to spend a holiday week! LEGO or VEX Robotics summer camps help kids become leaders of tomorrow by learning how to collaboratively engineer solutions and model real-world challenges! All camps are hosted by an engineer/educator and his son. Kids learn multidimensional aspects of engineering, automation, and coding to accomplish a series of innovative challenges in grade-appropriate robotics summer camps. While they don’t get to take their automatons home at the end of summer camp they do get to keep their new friendships, valuable coding, problem-solving, and programming skills. STEM skills we hope they will continue to grow and develop.